The acne and pimple are not same. When you have any problems on your skin cells a pimple will be created on your face. The formation of a lot of pimples leads to acne. Genetic factors are not the reason for the formation of a pimple. Hormonal imbalance is the major concern for the growth of a pimple. The bacteria block and oil formation in the pores of your skin forms acne. Do you know there is the connection between the hair and the skin? So when you have any problems like dandruff or other hair loss problem surely you will face skin problems. Formation of different types of bumps is acne, whereas bumps with blackheads, whiteheads, are pimples.

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Good Evening Everyone…I like to share my story related to acne. I am Ritu from Madurai. I suffered from pimple problem in my middle school, throughout high school. But this was not a kind similar to a pimple which comes during puberty stage. Because my friends also suffered from a pimple, but their pimples differ from myself. My pimple is very intense and severe. Actually, it leads to acne. I went to many dermatologists. Monthly blood tests, the lot of antibiotics and even I had taken Ayurveda treatment. But nothing went well. At the end result is the failure. I got frustrated and throw away all the tablets. At some point, it goes too bad and my face becomes entirely red. I covered with makeup but it breakout more. I lost my enjoyment in my life for few months. I lost my confidence level. Even in my college days, they marked me as pimple girl. But no one thinks about my situation. Really if you have any skin problem it is very horrible. Try to avoid them by teasing. Because they only know about their pain. My uncle suggested visiting Dr.Adityan who is the Best Dermatologist In Madurai. Actually, I know that clinic already. But I refused to go initially. Since it is the No.1 Clinic for skin and hair problem I had an opinion the treatment may cost more. But everything is wrong. Thanks to Dr.Adityan really an amazing doctor. He treated me very well. Just two months of treatment I feel the difference. Within a year I gained my skin back. The cost for the treatment is very reasonable compared to other clinics. So when you suffered from acne/pimple problem don’t go anywhere just schedule your appointment at “”- Acne/Pimple Cure In Madurai.